NARO Diversity and Inclusion


Diverse human resources creating innovations in food and agricultural industries

NARO is promoting science and technology innovations in food and agricultural industries. Our role is to create a new Japanese model for high-value added, highly competitive agriculture in global community, which leads to the realization of food and agricultural industries version of Society 5.0. It is essential for NARO to provide places where diverse human resources, regardless of gender, nationality, and affiliation (industry, academia, government), freely exchange information and collaborate to achieve this role.

Kazuo KYUMA, Ph.D.

The National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) promotes gender equality with the goal of creating a workplace environment that enables diverse human resources to fully demonstrate their strength and potential, and contribute effectively to society.


Basic Policies

  • Promote gender equality in research activities and other operations
  • Promote employee development activities
  • Promote gender equality in organizational decision-making
  • Improve the workplace environment and support a well-balanced work and home life
  • Promote gender equality through cooperation with local and international communities

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