Global Initiatives



Day 1: Sep 7, 2016 (Wednesday)

13:00 ∼ 13:20 Opening Address
Dr. Tokio Imbe
President, NARO

Welcome Remarks
Dr. Masa Iwanaga
President, JIRCAS

Welcome Remarks
Dr. Takehiro Okubo
Director, International Research
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council Secretariat, MAFF
13:20 ∼ 14:00 Keynote Lecture: IRRI strategies towards meeting future rice demand under climatic challenges
Dr. Jacqueline Hughes
Deputy Director General for Research, IRRI

Session I. High temperature tolerance

Chair: Dr. Takayuki Umemoto, Institute of Crop Science, NARO

14:00 ∼ 14:25 Mechanisms of Foehn-induced chalky ring formation in rice: Use of the on-site cell-specific analytical method and practical applications
Dr. Hiroshi Wada
Kyushu Okinawa Agricultural Research Center, NARO
14:25∼ 14:50 Impact of high temperature on the transcriptome/metabolome in developing grains
Dr. Hiromoto Yamakawa
Central Region Agricultural Research Center, NARO
14:50 ∼ 15:20 Photo Session and Coffee・Tea Break
15:20 ∼ 15:45 Influence of high temperature at grain filling period on rice properties for sake brewing
Dr. Masaki Okuda
National Research Institute of Brewing
15:45 ∼ 16:10 Early morning flowering trait to mitigate heat-induced spikelet sterility at flowering
Dr. Tsutomu Ishimaru
Central Region Agricultural Research Center, NARO
16:10 ∼ 16:35 Value capture in the sector of rice quality via genomics assisted breeding
Dr. Nese Sreenivasulu
16:35 ∼ 17:00 General Discussion
17:30 ∼ 19:30 Welcome Reception

Day 2: Sep 8, 2016 (Thursday)

Session II. High yielding physiology

Chair: Dr. Nobuya Kobayashi, NARO Institute of Crop Science

09:00 ∼ 09:25 Model analyses on high-yielding traits of rice under various environmental conditions
Dr. Hiroe Yoshida
Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, NARO
09:25 ∼ 09:50 Potential of root system architecture in ideotype breeding to improve rice yield
Dr. Yusaku Uga
Institute of Crop Science, NARO
09:50 ∼10:10 Coffee・Tea Break
10:10 ∼10:35 Physio genetics of high yielding in the temperate regions and the tropics
Dr. Toshiyuki Takai
11:00 ∼11:25 MAGIC populations and allele mining for dissecting yield traits
Dr. Hei Leung
11:00 ∼11:25 Identification of a resistance gene to the 4-HPPD inhibitory herbicide from Japonica rice and its incorporation into IR64
Dr. Hiroshi Kato
Institute of Crop Science, NARO
11:25 ∼ 12:00 General Discussion
12:00 ∼13:30 Lunch Break

Session III. Insect pest management

Chair: Dr. Masaya Matsumura, Kyushu Okinawa Agricultural Research Center, NARO

13:30 ∼ 13:55 Improving the pest-resiliency of rice ecosystems
Dr. Buyung Hadi
13:55 ∼ 14:20 Analysis and prediction of rice planthoppers' migration in East Asia
Dr. Akira Otuka
Institute of Agricultural Machinery, NARO
14:20 ∼ 14:45 Genetic analysis of resistance to planthoppers in rice
Dr. Hideshi Yasui
Kyushu University
14:45 ∼ 15:10 Coffee・Tea Break
15:10 ∼ 15:35 Possible role of weeds and meadows on the infection cycle of Rice stripe virus
Dr. Mitsuru Okuda
Central Region Agricultural Research Center, NARO
15:35 ∼ 16:00 Network collaboration on rice blast research
Dr. Yoshimichi Fukuta
16:00 ∼16:30 General Discussion
16:30 Closing Remarks