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Manual for testing insecticide susceptibility in rice planthoppers

The rice planthoppers are the major insect pests of rice in Asia. Outbreaks of these planthoppers have occurred in wide areas of Indochina and East Asia since the mid-2000s. Insecticides have been used to control these planthoppers, and the frequent use has resulted in the development of insecticide resistance. Continuous monitoring of insecticide susceptibility is required for forecasting these rice planthoppers in Asia. In this manual, the methods to calculate the LD50 or the ED50-values for testing insecticide susceptibility of rice planthoppers are described. In addition, the collecting and rearing methods of rice planthoppers are also described.

Manual_for_insecticide_susceptibility_of_rice_planthopper_E_v1.0 【PDF:1.4MB】

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