Center for Seeds and Seedlings, NARO


Seeds and Seedlings for the Future

"Seeds" and "seedlings" are fundamental elements of agriculture, and the development of high quality seeds and seedlings and securing of their production and distribution are essential in the development of Japanese agriculture.

The Center for Seeds and Seedlings, NARO (NCSS) is the comprehensive institution on the management for seeds and seedlings in Japan, conducting the following duties with the purpose of implementing adequate protection for plant variety and ensuring of distribution of quality seeds and seedlings. 1. DUS growing test and facilitation of plant variety protection (PVP) on the Plant Variety Protection Act 2. Inspection to secure the distribution for seeds and seedlings of healthy agricultural crops 3. Production and distribution of foundation seeds of potato and sugarcane 4. Research and development of new technologies related to production, distribution and inspection of seeds and seedlings 5. Conservation of plant genetic resources consisting mainly of vegetatively propagated plants

We are continuing unremittingly with our efforts to improve the quality and content of our works in order to sufficiently meet the demand from the public. In addition we are conducting the international technical cooperation aggressively under the cooperation with the UPOV and the East Asia Plant Variety Protection Forum, for the the nations of Asia which are developing the establishment of the system of PVP and inspection of seeds and seedlings. In January this year, the "Promotion headquaters for aggressive agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry" was established by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) of Japan. The seeds and seedlings of new variety is increasing further the positioning as an important intellectual property for supporting "aggressive agriculture" .