Genetic Resources Center, NARO

Microbial Classification and Evaluation Team

Microbial Classification and Evaluation Team is the main body to promote the Microorganism Section of the NARO Genebank project. Together with other laboratories and organization participating it, we are conducting exploration, collection, characterization, preservation, and distribution of microorganism genetic resources. Our main target microorganisms are plant pathogens, causing various diseases on agricultural crops. We are performing necessary researches on these microorganisms, such as their classification and detection methods, improvement of their preservation procedures. Among the preserved microorganisms, fungi, bacteria, yeasts and plant viruses cover 95% of the whole collections. Taxonomic systems of microorganisms are drastically changing recently, then the identification of preserved microorganisms are being checked based on the analyses of DNA/RNA sequences. Their scientific names will be updated. Distributed microorganisms will be utilized by the users mainly for the purposes of taxonomy and identification, substance production, pesticide development and biological control, disease diagnosis and pathogen detection, plant breeding for disease resistance, etc. We are expecting improvement of users' availability and better utilization of the microbial genetic resources.

Team Leader

Takayuki AOKI

Research Topic :Taxonomy of Fusarium & Nomenclature

Team Members

Research Topic
Hiroyuki SAWADA Senior Principal Researcher Plant Pathology, Plant Bacteriology
Toshirou NAGAI Principal Researcher Food microbiology
Tamaki ICHIKI Principal Researcher Plant Virology
Hideki KITO Principal Researcher Plant Pathology, Fungal Genetics
Shihomi UZUHASHI Researcher Molecular phylogeny & Taxonomy of Oomycetes