Genetic Resources Center, NARO

Plant Diversity Research Team

This team has two objectives. One objective is to promote Genebank activities including exploration, characterization, evaluation and propagation of plant genetic resources. We also develop core collections as convenient sets of plant genetic resources. The other objective is to analyze the genetic diversity of plant genetic resources. We collect, evaluate and analyze the diversity in characters and genes to make breeding material for future use. Our target species are Vigna, Glycine, Oryza and Sorghum.

Team Leader

EBANA Kaworu

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Team Members

Research Topic
BABA Akiko Principal Scientist Stress tolerance in Vigna
FUKUI Kuniaki Principal Scientist Long term storage of vegetatively propagated plant genetic resources
NAITO Ken Senior Scientist Stress tolerance in wild (and sexy) species the genus Vigna; Isolating genes of stress tolerance via forward genetics, population genetics and genomics
ARIGA Hirotaka Researcher Genomic and morphological diversity in Brassica, a Japanese traditional vegetable
OKUIZUMI Hisato (also member of Management Section) Genetic diversity analysis of Sorghum and other species
TAKAHASHI Yu (also member of Department of Corporate Planning) Neo-domestication of Vigna wild species and stress tolerance in Vigna