Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, NARO


Director General
  • Department of Research Promotion
    • Research Promotion Office
      • Deputy Head
      • Promotion Team
      • Liaison Team
      • Staff Management and Training Team
  • Research Manager for Climate Change
  • Division of Climate Change
    • Climate Impact Assessment Unit
    • Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Unit
    • Soil Biogeochemistry and Modeling Unit
    • Crop-Climate Interaction Unit
    • Climate Change Adaptation Unit
  • Division of Biodiversity
    • Agrobiodiversity Assessment Unit
    • Ecosystem Services Assessment Unit
    • Invasive Alien Species Risk Assessment Unit
    • Chemical Substances Effect Assessment Unit
  • Division of Biogeochemical Cycles
    • Soil, Water and Nutrient Cycle Unit
    • Carbon and Nutrient Nexus Unit
    • Bioconversion Process Unit
    • Environmental Biofunction Unit
  • Division of Hazardous Chemicals
    • Chemical Analysis Unit
    • Environmental Inorganic Chemistry Unit
    • Organochemicals Unit
    • Crop Safety Unit
  • Division of Informatics and Inventory
    • Soil Inventory Unit
    • Insect Systematics Unit
    • Remote Sensing and GIS Analysis Unit
    • Statistical Modeling Unit
    • Integrated Assessment Unit