Institute of Crop Science, NARO


  • Department of Planning and General Administration
    • Deputy Manager
    • Planning and Promotion Section
      • Coordinator for Collaborative Research
      • Coordinator for Communications
      • Planning Team
      • Fund Management Team
      • Cooperation Team
    • General Administration Section
      • General Affairs Team
      • Accounting Team
    • Risk Management Section
      • Coordinator for Risk Management
      • Coordinator for Safety Management
  • Advanced Genomics Breeding Section
  • Director of Applied Genomics Research
  • Radiation Breeding Division
    • Technical Support Team
  • Division of Basic Research
    • Plant Genome Research Unit
    • Breeding Materials Development Unit
    • Breeding Strategies Research Unit
    • Field Omics Research Unit
    • Breeding Informatics Research Unit
  • Division of Rice Research
    • Rice Breeding Unit
    • Rice Physiology Unit
    • Rice Quality Research Unit
    • Rice Applied Genomics Research Unit
  • Division of Field Crop Research
    • Soybean Breeding Unit
    • Sweet Potato and Miscellaneous Crops Breeding Unit
    • Soybean and Field Crop applied Genomics Research Unit
  • Division of Wheat and Barley Research
    • Wheat and Barley Breeding Unit
    • Wheat and Barley Quality and Applied Genomics Research Unit