Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science, NARO


NILGS is the Japanese research institution for livestock and grassland. We promote the technical developments that integrate studies on grassland, animal feed production, livestock production and animal waste treatment and reuse. NILGS's mission is to contribute to increasing the production of safe and high-quality animal products and improving the self-sufficiency rate of feed by utilizing land resources effectively. Throughout our research, we develop technologies that benefit both present and future livestock production, support our plentiful diet, and finally, contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of national land through development of the livestock industry.

Research Programs

The following research programs have been pursued as part of the 3rd mid-term plan.

  • Development of technologies for improvement of efficient feed production and usage based on the increase in the amount of self-supplied feed
  • Technological innovation for livestock breeding, reproduction, and management
  • Development of technologies for control and prevention of animal diseases and zoonoses
  • Development of technologies for improving food safety and ensuring food reliability for consumers
  • Adaptation and mitigation to climate change for agriculture
  • Establishment of a regional biomass utilization system by development of domestic biofuel and biomaterial production technologies
  • Elucidation of functions of agricultural products and foods and development of a provision system for obtaining reliable information
  • Development of an integrated process of distribution and processing for value-added agricultural products and foods
  • Development of agricultural and rural resources management technologies for effective agricultural production