Outline of Research

Program Title

160:Advanced farming and management systems based on information technology and robotics technology

Program Director

Hisashi Hosokawa


In this project, we develop advanced production systems applying information technology (IT) and robotics technology (RT) to farms for reducing worker numbers by 50% and supplying safe, high quality agricultural products.

The main research topics are as follows:

  • a) Realizing fully robot-operated farming from tillage to harvest in large-scale agriculture such as cultivation of rice, wheat, soybean, and vegetable. b) Demonstrating a huma-robot cooperative operation on fields to evaluate effectiveness of the robotic system and clarify its requirements.
  • Achieving an efficient agricultural production system with farmland consolidation and scale expansion. An advanced agricultural production management system that supports decision making in areas such as crop planning, work planning, and material usage selection is planned to be developed. The system could collect and visualize various agricultural production data using various sensing technologies, portable terminals, and the farming robot system.
  • A method for effectively modeling the association between DNA markers and agricultural traits in crops for establishing new effective genome-aided crop breeding methods. Integrated methods for combining different kinds of agricultural data ranging from plant genetic and phenotypic data to meteorological data for clarifying the statistical relationship between them.
  • Standardizing control and communication systems between tractors and implements to support large-scale upland farming in Hokkaido. Furthermore, data processing methods of field operations and plant information will also be studied.