Racotis keralaria Sato, 2004



Dorsal view Labels

Locality:Eravikulam Nat. Park., 10.09'N.L. 77.04'E.B., 1740 m, piccca of prim. rain forest, 1740 m, 7 km N. Munnar, Kerala, S. India
Date:12-13. IV. 1997
Collector:Schintlmeister & Siniaev
Ref.:Sato, R., 2004. Taxonomic notes on Racotis boarmiaria (Guenée) (Geometridae, Ennominae) and its allies from the Indo-Malayan region, with descriptions of four new species. Tinea 18 (2): 130-139.
Note:9 male & 2 female paratypes.

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