What's eDNA Project
To achieve sustainable production of high quality crops and vegetables, it is essential to maintain soil fertility and to overcome soil disease such as sickness due to continuous cropping. For this purpose, we have to evaluate not only physical and chemical properties of soils but also biological ones and to utilize their information for soil management. However, our knowledge on the soil biological properties is still far from enough to evaluate the soil biological properties for soil management. This is mainly because of lack of appropriate methods for examining soil microbial population, major of which cannot be cultivated with conventional methods.

This project addresses development of soil biodiversity analysis methods with environmental DNA (eDNA) which is extracted from soil. Soil microbial populations in various arable fields in Japan will be investigated with the above analytical methods in terms of productivity of crops and vegetables in these soils. Based upon these investigations, the project will develop a basic analytical system for evaluation of soil microbial population.

The project will provide a new soil diagnosis system based upon soil eDNA and will also deliver the challenging new scientific information. These will further contribute to improved soil management for sustainable production and for environmental protection.