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Risk Alleviation Technologies for Arsenic and Cadmium Contamination of Foods in Monsoon Asia
MARCO Satellite International Symposium 2012
(October 29-30, Tsukuba, Japan)


October 29, 2012, 9:00–17:00
October 30, 2012, 9:00–12:00


Epochal Tsukuba (Tsukuba International Congress Center), Room 201, 202
Tsukuba, Japan ( )

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Organized by:

National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences (NIAES)
Monsoon Asia Agro-Environmental Research Consortium (MARCO)

Scope and objectives:

Along with industrial expansion and economic growth, arable lands have been gradually degraded or contaminated with hazardous pollutants such as cadmium (Cd), arsenate (As) and other heavy metals in most of the Asian countries. In the two decades, this trend became obvious, and significantly aggravated the quality of soil and crop because of the increased concentration of pollutants in them. Thus, the Asian countries have paid much attention to contamination of agricultural soils and crops by heavy metals due to their potential effects on human health and long-term sustainability of food production in the contaminated areas. We need promising technologies to handle them.

The aim of the symposium is (1) to clarify the present condition of heavy metal pollution in Asian countries, (2) exchanging the information on state-of-the-art remediation technologies for the heavy metal pollution and (3) discussing the direction of future research and ways to strengthen collaboration for heavy metal contamination in monsoon Asia. This symposium is held as a satellite meeting of the MARCO Symposium 2012.

PROGRAM (PDF file 0.4 MB)


Oral Presentation

October 29, Monday, 9:00–17:00
October 30, Tuesday, 9:00–12:00
Room 201

Keynote Lecture

The dynamics and risk management of metal(loid) contamination in rice ecosystems
Nanthi Sirangie Bolan
University of South Australia, Australia

Invited speakers from Asian countries

Risk alleviation of cadmium contamination on rice in Indonesia
Asep Kurnia
Indonesian Agricultural Environment Research Institute, Indonesia

Arsenic sequestration in iron plaque and its effect on As uptake by paddy rice
Dar-Yuan Lee
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Stabilization of As contaminated soil using natural waste
Deok Hyun Moon
Chosun University, Department of Environmental Engineering, Korea

Using waste materials for arsenic removal
Fu-shen Zhang
Research Center for Eco-Environment Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Risk alleviation of Cd contaminated agricultural soil in China
Longhua Wu
Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Transfer of As and Cd from soil to plants in contaminated field near mining area
Orathai Sukreeyapongse
Office of Science for Land Development Department, Thailand

Treatment of As in the soil of mining area in Thainguyen province, Vietnam by using phytoremediation
Nguyen Thuan Trung
Vietnam Environment Administration, Vietnam

Biochar soil amendment - Risk alleviation of metal contamination in agricultural soils for safer food crop production
Yong Sik Ok
Kangwon National University, Korea

Invited speakers from Japan

Risk management for Cadmium and Arsenic in rice in Japan
Naofumi Hamatani

Imobilization and speciation of Cd in paddy soils amended with zero-valent iron (ZVI)
Yohey Hashimoto

Effects of water management and Calcium Carbonate application on arsenic and cadmium uptake by rice plant
Toshimitsu Honma

Reduction of the cadmium concentration in soybean seeds by use of the partial mixing technique
Kenzo Miura

Arsenic and cadmium solubilization and immobilization in paddy soils: Effects of air-filled porosity
Ken Nakamura

Separation and identification of rhizobacteria producing methylated arsenicals in paddy soil - Relevance to arsenic speciation in rice grains -
Masato Kuramata

Characteristics of rice mutants with nearly cadmium-free grains produced by ion-beam irradiation
Satoru Ishikawa

Practical phytoextraction system in Japan using high cadmium accumulating rice plant
Toshiyuki Ibaraki

Remediation of cadmium-contaminated paddy soils by washing with ferric chloride (FeCl3)
Tomoyuki Makino

Poster session

October 29, Monday, 12:00–13:30
( Panel size for poster is : 90 cm width x 210 cm height )
Room 202

Important dates:

October 5:
October 12:

Deadline of abstract submission (ABSTRACT TEMPLATE (DOC) )
(Call for poster, send the abstract to marco2012AsCd

October 19:

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Those who want to participate in the symposium, please directly come to the registration desk

Organising committee:

Dr. Tomoyuki Makino (National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, Convener)
Dr. Satoru Ishikawa (National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences)
Dr. Noriko Yamaguchi (National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences)


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