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Tohoku Agricultural Research Center (TARC) aims to promote technological development for the advancements in agriculture and food industry taking full advantage of the abundant natural resources of the Tohoku region, constituting the northern portion of Honshu, the largest island of Japan. The center promotes research and technological innovations focusing on the establishment of highly productive paddy field farming, coping with and utilizing cold climate, enforcing the circulatory functions of the agriculture and livestock industries, and enhancing health functionality and attaining safety and security.


Wheat lines producing bread with reduced staling

Press Release on May 27, 2016

The hexaploid nature of wheat has been effectively used to create variability in starch characteristics. The Tohoku Agricultural Research Center in collaboration with Nippon Flour Mills Company, Ltd. and Canada's Bioriginal Food & Science Corporation has identified the differences among wheat genotypes in terms of many starch characteristics, including percent amylose, chain length, distribution, gelatinization temperature, retro-gradation, and pasting properties. These differences appeared to translate into improvements in end-product quality which should be useful for bakery products. Bread staling represents an important source of food wastage, and the lines characterized here showed reduced starch retro-gradation which is thought to be a major cause of staling. Incorporation of these genes in commercial wheat varieties via marker-assisted selection-based breeding has been initiated in both Japan and Canada. Read more.

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