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The Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science, NARO (NILGS) is the Japanese research institution for livestock and grassland. We promote the technical developments that integrate studies on grassland, animal feed production, livestock production and animal waste treatment and reuse. NILGS's mission is to contribute to increasing the production of safe and high-quality animal products and improving the self-sufficiency rate of feed by utilizing land resources effectively. Throughout our research, we develop technologies that benefit both present and future livestock production, support our plentiful diet, and finally, contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of national land through development of the livestock industry.


Sexing day-old chicks using endoscope

Press release on July 26, 2016

image Th NILGS has developed a novel method for sexing day-old chicks using an endoscope system. In this method, the probe of the endoscope is inserted from the cloaca into the intestine of a chick, and the presence of testes or ovary can be observed through the wall of the intestine and clearly viewed on a computer monitor. An overall accuracy of 90.2% was obtained in the present study which could be improved by continuous training in the handling of the endoscope. Furthermore, this endoscope system is not only very efficient but is also easy to use and requires no specific skills for simple operation or about 1 or 2 weeks for more precise sexing. Read more.

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