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NIAS Charter

Bio-innovation through new knowledge and discovery

The National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences (NIAS) is entrusted with a mission to perform advanced studies in life sciences such as the genomics of agriculturally important organisms in order to promote the enhancement of agricultural productivity and the creation of new bioindustries. The institute shall therefore contribute to the realization of a healthy and prosperous society and address its responsibility through new knowledge and discovery generated from innovative research.

1. New knowledge and technology innovation

The NIAS, upon recognition of the trends and needs of society, and in cooperation with the world research organizations, shall pursue highly advanced research in plant, animal, microbial and insect sciences, as part of an overall initiative to conserve genetic resources and to create new knowledge and innovative technologies.

2. Contribution to society

The NIAS shall address issues related to agriculture and forestry, marine products industry, and global food production through scientific research, development of intellectual base, and technology transfer.

3. Responsible research conduct

The NIAS shall pursue research and development activities in accordance with the customary social expectations and obligations, complying with all existing laws and ordinances, respecting social norms, and maintaining a strict sense of ethics.