Rice • Other Plants

  • RAP-DB: Rice Annotation Project Database
  • RiceXPro: Rice Gene Expression Profiling Database
  • RiceFREND: Rice Functionally Related Gene Network Database
  • FiT-DB: Field Transcriptome Database
  • KOME: Rice Full-length cDNA Database
  • Tos17: Rice Tos17 Insertion Mutant Panel Database
  • Q-TARO: QTL Annotation Rice Online Database
  • RiceGAAS: Rice Genome Automated Annotation System
  • RiceTOGO Browser: Integrated rice genomics database
  • RMG Information: Rice Mitochondrial Genome Database
  • Rice Proteome DB: Rice Proteome Database
  • RMOS: Rice Microarray Opening Site
  • SALAD: Genome-wide database of similarity clustering based on distribution patterns of motifs
  • Barley Gene Expression DB: Full-length cDNA sequences from malting barley
  • DAIZUbase: Soybean genome database
  • PLACE: A Database of Plant Cis-acting Regulatory DNA Elements
  • Flowering Plant Gene Picker: Annotation pipeline for flowering plant genomes

Silkworm • Insect

  • KAIKObase: Silkworm genome database
  • KAIKO 2DDB: Silkworm two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis federated database
  • KAIKO cDNA: Silkworm cDNA database
  • KAIKOGAAS: Silkworm Genome Automated Annotation System
  • Bombyx Trap DB: Silkworm transposon insertion lines database
  • BPH Maps & Markers: Brown planthopper genetic linkage map and markers database
  • UNKA EST: Brown planthopper EST database
  • KONAGAbase: Diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella) genome database

Animal • Microbes

  • PEDE: Pig Expression Database Explorer
  • Swine Marker Viewer: Pig DNA Marker Database
  • 3dMET: Database for three-dimensional structures of natural metabolites

Genetic Resources