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Industry • Academia • Government Collaboration

Tripartite collaborations towards innovations


  • The NIAS is promoting industry‐academia‐government collaboration by encouraging private sector companies and universities to conduct joint research with NIAS researchers. The areas in which the institute have strengths and potential for collaborations with organizations in the academic and private sectors are analyzed. These collaborative efforts are expected to accelerate innovations in life science and agriculture to further stimulate the creation of new industries with impact in agricultural productivity, promotion of health and the quality of life.
  • Collaborative Programs

  • Joint collaboration with industry and the academia : joint research with companies from the private sector and universities; support in collaborative research; support of business ventures
  • Joint management : establishing contacts and coordination with government, universities, and private-sector based organizations
  • Research Partnerships

  • NIAS Joint Graduate School Program
  • Invitation of Japanese and foreign researchers from other institutes, universities and companies
  • NIAS Internship Program
  • International Research Partnerships

  • Establishing collaborations with research organizations from around the world.
  • NIAS has concluded the memorandum of understanding (MOU) with more than 20 organizations.

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