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NIAS Basic Compliance Policy

I. Objective

  • The objective of this basic compliance policy is to establish the principles and guidelines to ensure that the administrative and research personnel of the National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences (hereafter referred to as NIAS) are aware and take steps to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

II. About the research institute compliance

  • The research institute compliance sets forth the code of conduct for the administrative and research personnel of the institute in accordance with the institute charter, rules and standards, laws and regulations to ensure high moral standard and a strong sense of social responsibility.

III. Research institute compliance measures

Fundamentals of the research institute compliance
  • As a research institute engaged in advanced research in life science with implications in agriculture, it is necessary to step up constant efforts to carry out the responsibility with thoroughness of compliance in order to meet the expectations of society.
Personnel compliance duties
  • The administrative and research personnel of the NIAS shall carry out their duties and responsibilities in strict compliance with the expectations from society.
Maintenance of charter, conduct standard, and various regulations
  • To maintain related official regulations necessary when personnel practice compliance while measuring the thoroughness and charter.
Establishment of a committee on compliance and risk management
  • The research institute shall establish a committee on compliance and risk management to ensure adherance among the administrative and research personnel, to implement policies and proposals related to the compliance, and deliberate on matters related to compliance. The committee shall oversee the following: (1) Basic programs on implementation of compliance (2) Status of practice and implementation of compliance (3) Other matters to be decided by the committee
Establishment of a compliance hotline
  • A compliance hotline shall be established to provide a way for detecting and reporting problems associated with compliance issues at an early stage.
Establishment of a consultation desk
  • A compliance consultation desk shall be established to provide a way for solving problems from the personnel associated with compliance issues.
Implementation of activities on compliance awareness and training
  • Trainings and educational programs on compliance awareness shall be carried out to measure the implementation and thoroughness of compliance.
Checking the status of compliance implementation
  • The status of compliance implementation shall be checked regularly in order to measure the thoroughness of the compliance in the research institute.
Improvement based on compliance status reports
  • If necessary, improvements in compliance issues shall be implemented based on the compliance status reports.

IV. Other matters

  • In addition to the basic policies described here, other matters on compliance of the research institute established separately.